Sep 26

A Day at the Beach. Pt. 2


You slowly lift the short shirt you had thrown over your bikini top, your movements intentionally slow to increase the effect you were having on me, enjoying my intense focus on your actions. The loose top slipping over your head as you purposely jut out your full breasts towards me, watching as I quietly gasp over the sight of your body again. Undoing the buttons of your shorts you let them fall, standing in front of me in just the bikini you were wearing at the beach. Reaching behind to untie your top, your breasts thrust towards me again as you release them, giving me my first view of your jutting nipples and delicate areola. You seductively turn in a slow half circle, presenting me with a perfect view as you bend forward from your hips, legs straight as your bottoms slide down your legs. I can't resist reaching out to let my fingers caress the skin of your perfect globes. Your quick exhalation at the unexpected touch letting me know you desired my touch as much as I did. Slowly straightening and turning to face me, giving me my first sight of your completely naked body, your shaven sex immediately capturing my attention as my lust filled eyes half-close with raw desire.


You gently reach out, your touch lighter than the brush of a butterflies wings, as you slowly begin to wash salt and sand from my body. My chest, my arms, my stomach all receive your tender ministrations. Your fingers move along my neck, gently scratching through my hair as you step even closer to reach up as I tower over you. Your breasts now pressing against my chest as your face tilts up towards mine. Your eyes filled with a sensual light as you gaze up into mine. Without thought or hesitation, I bring my mouth down to yours, your parted lips an invitation I wouldn't resist. I wrap you in my arms as I pull you even closer, deepening the kiss, enchanted by the way your tongue dances with mine. My strong hands sliding across your back and down to your bottom, lifting and pulling you closer to me as you become excited by the feel of my erection trapped between our bodies. You bring your hands to my chest again to gently push away, being careful of my burn despite the fact that I've ignored it since your return.


"I'm not finished cleaning you up. Turn around."


I spin to the wall as you again gently begin washing me. Your hands carefully kneading and massaging my back, across my wide shoulders, down my arms. Moving back across to m legs as I crane my head to watch your movements. Gently working your way back up my body as your breasts slide against my skin causing tremors to run through my body. Standing fully again behind me, you lean against me as your hands run across my stomach, sliding down to my erection and gently encircling it. I shudder with need at your touch, putting my hands against the wall to hold myself up while you gently begin stroking my cock. You moan as the throbbing pulses through your hand while you stroke me. Your other hand quickly brought back to start rubbing your swollen lips, teasing yourself even as you tease me. Stroking each of us with the same speed and intensity as we each are being overcome by need and lust. Unable and unwilling to resist any longer I spin around quickly to lift you onto me and just as quickly you drop down, taking my throbbing cock into your mouth. Your tongue instantly swirling around the engorged head as your fingers once again encircle and stroke my shaft. My head rolls back on my shoulders from the sudden heat of your mouth and the suction as I tangle my fingers in your wet hair. I thrust forward, loving the sensations you send coursing through my body as your head keeps bobbing in front of me. I roll my head forward, staring down at you.


"I want you!", I manage to say, struggling to regain partial control of my body from you.


You only stop long enough to say, "Right now THIS is what I want!"


Resuming, you use one finger on my stomach to push me back against the wall, completely taking control of me. You increase your tempo, faster, and faster, drops of water flying from your swaying hair in a blur of motion until finally, with a choking grunt, I begin to spasm, shooting jets of cum into your mouth, across your face and breasts. Painting an obscene, erotic picture on your body. You rise and smile at the wild, lost look in my eyes.


"We have all night to explore. Now we can do what YOU want.........

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  • The sun's heat was scorching as I lay on my towel, sweat pouring off me as I worked on my tan. My pale mid-western skin wasn't used to such intense sunlight and it was definitely taking some getting used to. The burning sunlight was so bright that I had to flip the upper part of my towel over my face and wear my sunglasses under it to be able to lay on my back. "Better be careful! You're starting to burn." Came your sweet, friendly voice. I held up the edge of the towel and looked towards the sound of the voice and suddenly the lump I felt made it impossible to do more than nod. The crystal green eyes smiling at me were the most stunning I had ever seen. Set in deeply tanned, smooth skin and framed by silky golden hair that danced in the light breeze. You were lying on your stomach, supporting your upper body off your towel with your elbows as you looked at me. Your large, full breasts squeezed between your upper arms looked like they were about to explode out of the bikini top. The curve of your back guiding my eyes to a luscious, full bottom that I wanted to cup in my hands! Impossibly long legs, toned and shapely, completed the incredible woman facing me. "You really need to put some sunscreen on or you'll spend the rest of your vacation stuck in a hotel room with sunburn." "How do you know I'm here on vacation?" Your laughter was contagious as you answer me, "For one you look like Caspers cousin! Two, anyone from around here would KNOW they needed sunscreen to be out in this sun! Three, I can see your room key sticking out of your shoes." I laughed along with you at all three very obvious reasons. When we both finally stopped laughing I held out my hand to shake. "I'm Mark. Thanks for the advice.....???" "My friends call me Honey. You DO have sunscreen right?" "I'll make sure I pick some up when I leave so I have it for tomorrow." "Lay back down, I've got some and from the look of you I bet you're already going to have a pretty good burn. If you stay out here any longer without sunscreen you'll blister and so much for any fun YOU wanted to have on vacation." Not knowing any logical reason to refuse, plus excited by the thought of having one of the most gorgeous women I've ever seen rub me down, I quickly lay back as you started applying lotion to my arms, upper torso and finally my legs. You started laughing again as you were finishing and I tried to see what you were laughing at against the glare of the sun. "I probably could have saved the lotion, all we need is to borrow someone's umbrella top and stick it on that pole you're sporting." Your laughter softening the blow as you said it. I flushed bright-red with embarrassment as I caught your meaning and glanced down. There was no denying the erection tenting my swim trunks. I tried to stammer out an apology, feeling like I was dying of embarrassment. "Don't worry about it sailor." Came your laughing reply. "Every woman enjoys knowing she can have that effect on a man." With a wink you lay back down on your arms facing me. We spent the afternoon talking and laughing, enjoying the cool breeze off the ocean and the pitchers of margaritas from the stand on the beach. Before we knew it, we were sitting together watching the sun slide into the ocean, the indescribable colors of the sky rendering us both speechless as we shared a deeply intimate moment that only lovers normally experience. The only sounds disturbing the silence were the cries of the sea birds and the quiet hiss of the waves as they gently raced up the beach. As the last of the suns fiery orb disappeared below the rim of the ocean, we finally stirred, realizing we had a long walk back to the parking lot in the darkening night. I groaned out loud as the sunburn made itself known. Not realizing how badly burned I was while the margaritas numbed me earlier, I now knew I was in for a challenge just to make it back to the car. Your concerned expression as you looked at me was both sweet and somewhat frightening as it let me know the burn looked every bit as bad as it felt. Even so, you couldn't help but laugh at me as I groaned while trying to put on my shirt. Sarcasm dripping from your voice as you mock me, "I'll pick some up tonight and have it for tomorrow." I couldn't help but laugh along with you as you repeat my statement from earlier in a dopey voice. Your laughter ringing across the empty beach like a bell cheering me up despite the pain I'm feeling. You walk beside me as we slowly make our way back to the lot. Once we get there you gently help me into my car. "You really did a number on yourself sailor. I don't know how you are going to carry this stuff inside when you get back, plus you need aloe, and A LOT of it. No way you'll be able to put it on alone, SO....I'll follow you to help you out and make sure you get in safe. I normally wouldn't do this you know but I figure I'm pretty safe. If you get fresh all I have to do is slap you......anywhere....and you'll collapse!" Your laughing voice as you said that last part drawing a laugh from me as well, despite the misery I was feeling. You pulled up next to me in the hotel lot after our short drive back. Helping me carry my few items up to the hotel room, you instruct me to go take a cool shower while you run down to the lobby for some aloe. "Throw your clothes on the floor and I'll throw them in the wash for you too When I get back." You make it back to the room and hear the shower running but when you check the floor, no clothes are to be seen. "Hey, where did put your clothes?" "I'm still wearing them, I couldn't take them off.", comes my reply from the shower. You pull the curtains back and start laughing again at me as you see me standing under the running water, fully dressed, arms hanging at my sides with my forehead leaned against the wall. Tears rolling down your face, "Oh babe! You poor thing! Here, I'll help." Stepping in the shower with a compassionate look on your face, you gently ease the shirt off my arms and upper body, trying to keep it from touching my skin at all. Next you start untying the string on my trunks. I come alive at this, "Hey! Whoa! Hang on! I don't have anything on under these!" Mischief on your face as your eyes start twinkling at my sudden discomfort, "You think I haven't seen a man naked before? Trust me, you're in good hands." You slide my trunks down and my erection, dragged down by the trunks, springs back and forcefully slaps against my stomach. You smile again at the confused look on my face, knowing what I am tempted to try, but obviously worried that I could offend you if I did. You bite your lower lip as you begin to slide off your clothing as well. "Well it isn't fair for you to be the only one naked is it?" ......... to be continued
  • We sit like that for a moment, for an eternity! My cock still inside you, draping yourself over me, your head on my shoulder and breathing in the sweaty, heated air next to my skin. You are amazed at the calmness you feel within you, knowing you are loved and that you love me! Something you never before felt in all those intimate moments you’ve shared with men. All those other times left you feeling like a used fuck toy. Left you almost hating your desire for cock. Those needs trapping you over and over into giving yourself to men until finally you were left with the feeling that you had no other value than the holes in your body. Now you feel no shame, you feel a welling of excitement and happiness that your body can bring me such incredible pleasures and that having you in my arms fills a hole in my life! Filling in the missing part of my soul, loving away the pain and fear of being alone through life. Many women have spent the night in my arms but not one of them has ever been able to endure the full strength of my passion. Always I have felt the need to hold back, to not give in to the power of the needs within me. Being told that the things I want to do are wrong, are dirty, until I finally resigned myself to a life of loneliness and longing. Frankenstein’s monster in a new place. The monstrous desires and passions within me but I am only surrounded by people who would destroy and burn me for it. You lean back so I can see your face, the happiness glowing in our eyes as we both fill the missing part of each other. Healing each other with our passion and our love of all the physical pleasures we share. “So where can I go do a little clothes shopping?”, you ask. “Let me get dressed and I’ll take you.” “Easy there cowboy, I’m going alone! I want this to be a surprise! Besides, don’t you have work to do? You seem to have been neglecting your work the past couple of days.” The smile letting me know you were only teasing....about the last part anyway. A cold fear stabs through me, Is this just an excuse to get away? To leave like you tried to do yesterday? To go find other men because I’m not good enough. A sudden cold ball of lead in the pit of my stomach drags me down back to reality from the incredible highs of but a moment ago. Sensing the change, almost as if you can read my mind, “I WILL be back, and NO ONE will ever again have me as you do unless YOU want it.” I’m not very reassured but I try to not show it. I trust deeply in your love for me but I also trust as deeply in your fear of me changing my mind. I don’t know how to prove it to you any way other than I have, a little at a time. I give you directions to the store along with the warning that they have a VERY limited selection, thinking that I will surprise with a short trip tonight to one of the bigger towns tonight where you will have a much more extensive choice. You laugh at me again as I prepare to go to work, wearing only a pair of ragged shorts, my boots and hat. I step out into the warm sun and slow a moment as Tig and Bear come greet me, looking for their scratches and the slices of apple I never fail to bring them. I wrap my arms around their necks as they both lay their heads against me, trying to reassure me, sensing my fear that I will never again see you. Knowing that I could never again feel what I do now if you leave. Your car starts and I begin to hear the crunch of gravel as you drive down the road. Only work can now ease my mind, the hard work I enjoy and which lets me burn away my stress through action. Hours later you are back putting your packages away while you watch me working in the field. The flash of an axe in the sunlight followed by the sound of metal striking wood half a second later. You watch me square one of the oak beams I will use when I build the house. You sit on a rock in the shade and watch me, studying me. You see the smooth movements of my lithe muscles. Enjoying the sight of my body in the sunlight, loving the smooth contours that come from hard work so much more than the knotty muscles men get in the weight room. You notice the slight belly that comes from sitting at a desk for long hours at my every day job. You watch the muscles writhe under my skin like snakes crawling over each other, changing the course of sweat as it rolls off my broad shoulders and strong back. You gasp in amazement as I pick up the beam I just made and place it on the stack of other beams. It should have taken 3 or 4 men to pick that thing up!!! You watch me as I walk back towards you with quick, long strides, the graceful movements of a man in control of his body. I see you step out of the shadows and the cloud that has been hovering above me vanishes. The leaden ball in my stomach disappearing in the surge of joy seeing you gives me. Hand in hand we go inside so I can shower and you can get ready, deciding to go out this evening and give you a chance to show off your surprise for me. I sit patiently and wait, knowing that you will not be ready to go until YOU are satisfied that you look ready. I’d think you were perfect no matter what you wear so asking me for critique is pointless. You step out so I can see what you found. I half rise at the vision before me, every mans fantasy of what a beautiful country girl should be. Your short denim skirt revealing your long, smooth tanned legs. Your tight shirt covering you, providing a sense of modesty, but accentuating the curves of your body, providing a promise of what it will reveal to the man you love when he takes it off. Your beautiful, long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, topped by a black cowboy hat. Hand tooled leather cowboy boots on your feet, making you stand even taller than you already are. Your eyes......OH GOD YOUR EYES!.......lightly outlined in mascara, highlighting the deep blue as your eyes sparkle with your excitement at my reaction. I approach you, to hell with going out, I want you. “Hang on cowboy, a little anticipation is good, remember?”, using my own words against me! As we walk into the little bar, every man in their perks up. Cowboys push the front of their hats up, revealing their faces to you and letting you know they are interested. More than one of them earning a slap from a jealous wife or girlfriend. As I step up beside you, handing you your drink you notice those hands going back up and pulling those hats back down. You smile in amusement, “Apparently these guys know you.” A sense of safety washes over you, knowing from their reaction that I can protect you if needed. Apparently you aren’t the only one who has seen a display of the power in my body. The jukebox is playing and you grab my hand, “Let’s go!”, as you excitedly drag me to the dance floor. Two-steps, four-steps, waltzes, you know them all. How in the hell does a city girl know all these??? We dance all night, our bodies moving in perfect time, weaving around each other, twirling, spinning, never missing a step. Occasionally stopping for a breath, a drink or to cool off. Every person in the bar watching us, the men with undisguised desire. The women with undisguised jealousy and bitterness, half because of the way you look, and half because they know you have claimed me, crushing their hopes being in my arms, of feeling my body pressed against theirs. A song comes on the jukebox, “ Something like a strong wind is coming over me, it’s got a hold of me”.......... I grab your hand and rush us back to the dance floor where we again dance perfectly together. Faster with the excitement of the song. “You slide up close to me...tear the t-shirts off each other...Your hands all over me”...... The excitement in our bodies mounting with the words of the song, staring into each other’s eye while we weave a magic spell with the movement of our bodies. “But one more time is not enough........” faster the song goes as our bodies move together. Finally we can stand it no longer, “Lets go!” I say as you quickly nod agreement. I’m quivering with need, I can’t make it back, I have to have you........NOW! I lift you up and put your back against the truck as you wrap your legs around my waist. I lift your skirt and undo my belt. Thank God you weren’t wearing panties because every moment that I am not in you is an agony. I drive in without holding back, no gentle foreplay, nothing but raw animal desire to which your body responds. Slamming into you with every bit of strength I have. Your ragged breathing and the moans from your continuous orgasm fueling my passion. I’m a mindless animal as I fuck you unrelentingly. Your wetness pouring down both our legs as your non-stop climax causes your head to fall back limply, the muscles of your neck unable to support you as I continue using your cunt. The slamming of my pubic bone against your swollen clit constantly shooting agonizing waves of pleasure through your body and still I drive in. No thought, no reason in my mind as I surrender myself to feel of your body squeezing me, demanding more from me. Taking every bit of what I give and responding in kind, wanting more. Finally I shudder as my own orgasm overtakes me. How is there anything left in me to fill you after the past few days??? But you feel it pumping into you. Burst after burst, running down our legs with your juices as we hold each other, gasping for air. We both look up as we hear whistles and cheers, noticing the group of people watching us for the first time. Every man erect, more than one of the women with her hand down the front of her pants. “I guess we put on a show.”, you laugh as you look back at me. The look in my eyes tells you the truth, they didn’t see a show yet, they only saw the foreplay. Without a word I set you on the ground and spin you around. You put your hands on the truck and thrust out your ass. Obscenely displaying your cum dripping pussy to the crowd, knowing what’s coming next as my rock hard cock drives into your ass. Your legs immediately give, no strength left in your body after the intense orgasm that rocked you on the first thrust. Your body only supported by your hands and face pressed against the truck and the driving cock destroying your ass. Feeling it surge into you over and over, filling you and stretching your ass more than you have felt before. You push back weakly, with the little remaining strength in your body as I surge forward again. How long has this been happening? 5 minutes? an hour? It doesn’t matter. All that matters is the feeling of the cock in your ass, using it, abusing it, giving you what you’ve always loved. Better than you have ever felt it before, another orgasm tears through you as stars burst in your mind. You feel the cum begin to fill you again, your ass milking my cock more by instinct than any conscious thought. Another wave crashes over you as I slowly pull myself from your spent body. Every touch bringing you a fresh orgasm as your exploding nerve ends try to adjust to what you’ve experienced. The raw animal desire giving way to the protected feeling of being enveloped in my arms while I whisper into your ear, “Lets go home.” You don’t even bother to pull your skirt back down despite the crowd that has gathered. Not a sound coming from them as they are awed by the raw sexuality we draw from each other and to which they were witness. Not a woman standing there who isn't touching herself, more than one man pleasuring himself. More couples beginning their own battle right there in the parking lot, inspired by what we just did. Your mind still reeling from what you just experienced. Trying to understand what happened. Beginning to realize that for the first time, your body was the one defeated. Beginning to see that the greatest part of our passion, is that we can defeat each other completely, and that we will begin the battle again........soon.......
  • I’m imagining what you look like as you lay next to me, your silky, golden hair spilled across the pillow as you lay on your stomach, facing away from me. Your right arm bent with your head pillowed on it, your left stretched out. The black panties the only thing you’re wearing as you sleep. Your incredible body uncovered, amazing me with its beauty as I lay next to you, my head propped by my right hand while I drink you in. The fingers of my left hand gently moving against each other, the texture of your hair captivating me as your locks fill my hand.  I watch your shoulder sway gently with the beating of your heart and with the breaths you take. Being careful not to wake you, I lightly begin tracing my hand along the taut skin of your back. Loving the feel of your smooth skin against my fingertips. Watching the almost invisible hairs stand straight out from your body as the goosebumps appear at my touch. My hand slipping under the elastic of the panties, cupping the perfect globes of your ass. So firm to the touch while still evoking the sensations of soft skin as the rest of your body does. My fingers sliding into the gap between your thighs, cupping your mound and feeling the moisture contained by your delicate, shaven labia. Almost unbelieving that I can touch a woman as beautiful as you so intimately. I let my fingers part your lips, enjoying the hot, velvety feel of your body. The intimate touch awakens you but you remain motionless, enjoying the tender touch of my fingers. Enjoying the heat of my hand as I caress and tease you. Turning to me, lips parted, you give me a loving kiss as we smile at each other, looking into each other’s eyes. Your left hand drawn back, lightly resting on the back of my head, letting me know your lips are still not finished with mine. We remain like that for a time, our bodies entwining, delighting in the feel of the closeness, cherishing the time together as only carefree lovers can. You lift your leg, sliding onto me as your mouth gently tastes mine again, your chest pressing against mine. You sit upright, your hands on my chest as you look down into my eyes, seeing the tenderness and desire for you that shines in them. You raise your hips off mine, signaling that I should slide your panties down the length of your impossibly long legs. Raising first one leg, then the other so I can remove the panties fully. You smile even more as I crane my head, trying to see all of your body, knowing how much I love the sight of you. Slowly moving down my body, enjoying the feel of my strong legs as your tenderness slides along them, you move  until my throbbing erection is filling your sight. The foreskin drawn back from the pink and purple tip, light sparkling from the precum that flows freely. You gently take me into your mouth, knowing how much I love the feel as you move up and down. You never stop being amazed by the texture of the skin, so smooth, so hot, so soft to the touch despite the hardness. You give yourself fully to the desire to please me, wantonly taking as much of my cock in as you can, increasing the intensity of your movements as your need increases with mine. You look back up at me, seeing my eyes closed as I give myself over to the pleasure washing over me.  You crawl back up along along my body until finally you sink down on me, giving in to your need for a hard cock deep within your burning body. You ride me, gently at first, moving faster as your need builds. Your body beginning to shine with sweat, you lay forward onto me. Your movement never stopping, but now from a different angle, my cock touching places it hadn’t before. The sweat from your body allowing your breasts to slide along my chest as you move. Your fingernails raking down my body, raising bloody welts on my skin as you give in to your lust. Finally we both  explode at the same time, neither of us sure or even caring which one first, causing the others orgasm to begin. You lay back down on my chest, my softening cock still inside you, my strong arms enfolding you. Loving the comfort and feeling of protection as you nestle your head against my neck and we drift back to sleep.